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Weird Dream Society

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Release Date: May, 2020.

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Series Editor & Editor in Chief: Julie C. Day

All proceeds go directly to RAICES.

Playful, whimsical, or dark, but always thoughtful and tinged with the inexplicably weird, the Weird Dream Society (Dreams 1) brings together twenty-three stories from the most innovative creators in speculative fiction.

Nathan Ballingrud, Carina Bissett, Gregory Norman Bossert, Karen Bovenmyer, Christopher Brown, Emily Cataneo, Julie C. Day, Michael J Deluca, Gemma Files, A.T. Greenblatt, Nin Harris, Chip Houser, James Patrick Kelly, Marianne Kirby, Kathrin Köhler, Matthew Kressel, Jordan Kurella, Premee Mohamed, Sarah Read, Sofia Samatar, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam, Steve Toase, A.C. Wise

All proceeds from the Weird Dream Society anthology will go to RAICES. RAICES envisions a compassionate society where all people have the right to migrate, and human rights are guaranteed. Some dreams can change the world.

ISBN: 978-0-9989252-8-8

Page Count: 334

Excerpts & Interviews

The Outer Dark Episode #71— An entire episode dedicated to the WDS anthology! 7 amazing readers and an interview with Julie C. Day, the Editor-in-Chief.

Reckoning Press interviews the Weird team: Julie C. Day, Carina Bissett, Chip Houser, Steve Toase


“Like a dream that follows you into wakefulness, this intriguing anthology steadily moves its ideas into your mind, where they’re bound to linger long after you close the last page.”

–Ben Walker, Unnerving Magazine

“..the dream-like quality of the stories delivers on the promise of the title….the collection as a whole weaves in moments of profound strangeness, places where the rules of the universe seem to bend and buckle….There are ghosts of a shopping mall, and little girls with superpowers, and a man who can change skins….For fans of dark fantasy and science fiction, there’s a whole lot to like….And there are still moments of hope and clarity, tucked in among the shattered dreams the collection catalogs.”

–Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews

“I adore it…These stories are what weird should be. Each one is a different subgenre and [yet] its own beast all together…They are weird, they are genre, and they contain fantastic prose I’ll keep coming back to over and over again… reading this has me loving weird fiction again, a genre I’d felt has grown stale and boring and very very un-weird as of late.”

–Paul Jessup, Vernacular Books Guest Review